Hot Stock Alerts for 2015

Date Ticker Open HOD Close % change from open to HOD % change from open to EOD New hights afer alert % from alert to new high
1/2/2015 CYLC 0.002 0.012 0.008 500% 300%    
1/5/2015 INKN 0.0025 0.005 0.0037 100% 48%    
1/8/2015 FEWP 0.002 0.0061 0.003 205% 50%    
1/9/2015 XPRT 0.0036 0.018 0.0084 400% 133%    
1/12/2015 PEFF 0.004 0.01 0.003 150% -25%    
1/13/2015 THNS 0.165 0.185 0.1601 12% -3%    
1/14/2015 GNBA 0.004 0.02 0.006 400% 50%    
1/15/2015 SITO 0.194 0.215 0.18 11% -7%    
1/16/2015 IYXI 0.0039 0.012 0.0035 208% -10%    
1/20/2015 OOIL 0.1 0.112 0.105 12% 5%    
1/21/2015 AACS 0.0038 0.008 0.0043 111% 13%    
1/22/2015 AXXE 0.2165 0.217 0.19 0% -12%    
1/28/2015 STVF 0.4249 0.425 0.4 0% -6%    
1/28/2015 NGMC 0.0104 0.0143 0.0077 38% -26%    
2/3/2015 AAGC 0.0022 0.0045 0.0035 105% 59%    
2/4/2015 RCHA 0.001 0.0163 0.0148 1530% 1380%    
2/5/2015 SWMM 0.19 0.45 0.25 137% 32%    
2/9/2015 NPWZ 0.0099 0.012 0.01 21% 1%    
2/11/2015 LIVE 3.4 3.87 3.8 14% 12%    
2/11/2015 DRMC 0.009 0.0144 0.0065 60% -28%    
2/17/2015 OOIL 0.0847 0.087 0.087 3% 3%    
2/19/2015 GMND 0.0019 0.009 0.005 374% 163%    
2/23/2015 ETBI 0.0365 0.04 0.0372 10% 2%    
2/24/2015 DIGX 0.0022 0.0026 0.0018 18% -18%    
2/25/2015 STHC 0.0388 0.0445 0.0445 15% 15%    
3/4/2015 PSID 0.027 0.028 0.0254 4% -6%    
3/6/2015 XDSL 0.0007 0.0007 0.0006 0% -14%    
3/11/2015 CWNR 0.0016 0.003 0.0027 88% 69%    
3/13/2015 NVNT 0.002 0.0078 0.0026 290% 30%    
3/20/2015 FLKI 0.013 0.0199 0.014 53% 8%    
3/26/2015 HHWW 1.3 2.14 1.3 65% 0%    
3/30/2015 TXHD 0.055 0.056 0.0425 2% -23%    
3/31/2015 CMXC 0.3099 0.31 0.29 0% -6%    
4/2/2015 HOMS 0.7 1 0.65 43% -7%    
4/7/2015 BETS 0.0016 0.0017 0.0014 6% -13%    
4/9/2015 LGBI 0.0019 0.0025 0.002 32% 5%    
4/10/2015 XTRM 0.006 0.0078 0.0061 30% 2%    
4/13/2015 FLSR 0.195 0.2 0.18 3% -8%    
4/15/2015 VMRI 3.17 3.19 3.079 1% -3%    
4/17/2015 PSID 0.022 0.022 0.0211 0% -4%    
4/27/2015 TPHX 0.65 0.7 0.671 8% 3%    
4/28/2015 MGON 0.0022 0.004 0.0038 82% 73%    
4/30/2015 MCGI 0.0018 0.003 0.0021 67% 17%    
5/3/2015 BABL 0.0034 0.0063 0.0046 85% 35%    
5/6/2015 WSRA 0.0058 0.0085 0.005 47% -14%    
5/8/2015 LIBE 0.0016 0.0018 0.0014 13% -13%    
5/11/2015 IGRW 0.0023 0.0029 0.0021 26% -9%    
5/12/2015 PMCB 0.155 0.1635 0.162 5% 5%    
5/13/2015  GRCU 0.0013 0.0015 0.0013 15% 0%    
5/14/2015 AXXE 0.0729 0.0729 0.065 0% -11%    
5/18/2015 NRDS 0.0022 0.0074 0.0035 236% 59%    
5/19/2015 SPYR 0.486 0.52 0.52 7% 7%    
5/20/2015 EWRC 0.0338 0.035 0.027 4% -20%    
5/29/2015 TPHX 0.22 0.2321 0.2199 6% 0%    
6/4/2015 GOFF 0.0016 0.0026 0.002 63% 25%    
6/12/2015 INPH 0.77 1.33 1.17 73% 52%    
6/16/2015 FREE 0.125 0.179 0.091 43% -27%    
6/23/2015 TPHX 0.0476 0.0615 0.0545 29% 14%    
6/24/2015 DPW 0.88 1.35 1.2 53% 36%    
6/24/2015 DNRG 0.0198 0.0885 0.073 347% 269%    
6/25/2015 RXMD 0.0099 0.049 0.0422 395% 326%    
6/26/2015 CLRX 0.751 0.933 0.833 24% 11%    
6/30/2015 USMJ 0.0122 0.017 0.0119 39% -2%    
6/30/2015 CATV 0.005 0.019 0.0169 280% 238%    
7/1/2015 SHIP 0.56 1.04 0.68 86% 21%    
7/6/2015 AXMM 0.023 0.071 0.06 209% 161%    
7/8/2015 FORD 0.7 0.89 0.739 27% 6%    
7/9/2015 TSOI 0.0042 0.023 0.011 448% 162%    
7/17/2015 UMAX 0.0041 0.005 0.004 22% -2%    
8/16/2015 TXHD 0.011 0.014 0.012 27% 9% 0.07 536%
9/4/2015 RLTR 0.004 0.0065 0.0029 63% -28%    
9/21/2015 CALI 0.874 1.35 1.081 54% 24%    
10/14/2015 MLPH 0.0065 0.0215 0.016 231% 146%    
10/16/2015 MCTC 0.005 0.02 0.0079 300% 58%    
10/20/2015 VPLM 0.11 0.129 0.1149 17% 4%    
10/26/2015 KDKN 0.0025 0.0365 0.008 1360% 220%    
10/28/2015 PFHS 0.645 0.7098 0.6838 10% 6% 4.11 537%
10/30/2015 DYNV 0.0025 0.013 0.005 420% 100%    
11/2/2015 FZRO 0.048 0.051 0.0417 6% -13%    
11/3/2015 VTMB 0.0007 0.005 0.0016 614% 129%    
11/6/2015 ESYL 0.0029 0.01 0.0055 245% 90%    
11/23/2015 BWVI 0.159 0.232 0.22 46% 38%    
12/3/2015 AMFE 0.0079 0.008 0.0068 1% -14%    
12/16/2015 SIMH 0.0037 0.009 0.0046 143% 24%    
12/28/2015 SBFM 0.0045 0.0118 0.0107 162% 138%    
12/28/2015 RCHA 0.0001 0.0005 0.0003 400% 200%    
12/30/2015 NSPR 0.81 0.9575 0.8675 18% 7%    
12/31/2015 LEI 1.85 10.65 7.22 476% 290%    
        Total: 12378% 5010%    

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BWVI - Blue Water Ventures International, Inc.

Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. - ( BWVI )

There are literally Billions of Dollars worth in treasure lining national and island shorelines. Our newest Alert would know, they have recovered to the tune of several millions. Our latest play,BWVI, is not only expanding their efforts to become a major industry player, but they recently closed a ~$400K Sale of Treasure at auction

Just as geologists search for precious metals, shipwreck researchers actually have very detailed historical documentation of a vast multitude of shipwrecks carrying cargo. These lost ships carry hundreds of millions of dollars or more in Gold, Jewelry, Precious Gems, etc.. Records were meticulously kept chronicling their fall. BWVI is ready to bring them back to the surface. 

Examples of recent successful and/or current recovery expeditions are the 1715 Fleet, Margarita, and Ghost Fleet. BWVI typically works with and where respective federal and state rights are granted and being cooperated with.

The company has recently developed an ambitious strategy to become a Key Player in the Marketing and Monetization of these treasures in the auction market for themselves and external clients. Now is the time to start sifting through the company details to see where this play can go on another big release or find.

At $.20, BWVI has an OS of ~25.25Mil. The company has detailed the recent sales success, corporate expansion, and communications outreach. This play has Explosion Potential based on the inherent nature of their industry which is go big or go home. At the same time they are building in risk mitigation by establishing themselves as marketing and auction specialists.

What does their recovery success look like?

Per their website, we have the following:

  • During its developmental years, Blue Water Ventures engaged in successful search and recovery of the 1622 fleet galleon Santa Margarita located near Key West, Florida. From 2006 to 2011, utilizing proprietary new technologies, the Blue Water Ventures team recovered more than $16 million in rare and extraordinary treasures and artifacts from the widely dispersed shipwreck trail.

BWVI is engaged in the business of conducting archaeologically sensitive recoveries of cargo and artifacts from various shipwrecks. Its operations to date have focused on shallow water search and recovery projects in less than 150 feet of water. The Company is now expanding its focus to include deeper-water salvage of both historic and modern day shipwrecks. For more information go to

On 9/30 BWVI Announced the Creation of Blue Water Treasures, Inc. Treasure Found Around the World Will Be Marketed Through BWT.

  • They created Blue Water Treasures, Inc. ("BWT") as a subsidiary to engage in the marketing, sales and monetization of rare and unique treasures recovered from around the world. While BWT's efforts will commence with the marketing, sale and monetization of treasure and artifacts recovered by the Company, BWT will also seek to market, sell and monetize treasures recovered by others, as well as replicas derived from such treasures and artifacts.
  • BWT's efforts to monetize its treasure and artifacts will begin with the development of an exclusive line of treasure and nautical themed jewelry consisting of: i) unique, one of a kind pieces set with original treasure; ii) a series of precious metal reproductions; and iii) other pieces, some of which will contain historical silver or gold.
  • BWT will also seek to market high value treasure that it acquires through the auction process. The Company's recent success in the auctioning of its signature treasure pieces has demonstrated how the auction process can provide a quick and profitable means to monetize treasure and other unique artifacts.
  • The Company has taken steps to update its website and promote and expand its social media footprint so that interested parties may follow its activities online.Additionally BWT is also developing its own website and establishing its own social media presence. BWT's website will include an online store that sells treasure and nautical themed jewelry, historical artifact replicas and related items directly to the public. The Company anticipates that both website projects will be substantially completed in time for this year's holiday season.

On 8/19 Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. Announced the Sale of Its Signature Santa Margarita Treasure Pieces.

At $.20, BWVI is on the verge of breaching its 20 and 200 SMA's which are resting approximately at ~$.20. The 20SMA is about to Break the 200SMA which is typically considered a Bullish Catalyst. Take a Look at the Daily Chart to see the Technical Potential of this play.

  • Support is at the 50SMA at ~$.15.
  • The 20SMA may break the 200SMA any day this week.
  • RSI is Bullish at ~61 following a recent surge and pullback from $.22.

Targets are 1Q15 Highs of $.30 which may provide possible Returns of 50%+ from current prices. Given the explosive nature of a Find, there is no telling how high this price can go with the right discovery.

This company has had ludicrous finds based on previous sales per their website before going public. They have an Experienced and Passionate Team who have made the Treasure Recovery Industry their Lives. The recent strategy to extend their scope into auction and treasure marketing provides a more stable business growth option going forward to compliment their Homerun Recovery nature. 

Keep your eyes peeled for BWVI updates, and remember to trade wisely as always. We hope you enjoy BWVI.


Stock Roach




Stockchat LLC has received seven thousand dollars for the awareness of BWVI from a third party.

ABOT - ABT Mining Co. Inc.

ABT Mining Co. Inc. - ( ABOT )

The Uber of Courier? Ever since Late July, ABOT has seen a Trading Frenzy in the $.40-$.80 Range with tens of thousands of dollars trading hands on a daily basis now. At $.46 this play sits near its Basement Support Levels, and we may see a +MACD Cross as early as Monday - a typical run catalyst.

Picking up plays at their cheapest point is great, but it gets incredibly exciting when you see what ABOT has done with their pending Acquisition of Scoobeez - ( - an on Demand Courier and Delivery Service utilizing motorbikes in large metropolitan areas.

They are Expanding and Hiring. Companies like Uber are trying to parlay their service by dropping off groceries, but Scoobeez has taken the idea to a whole new level. This company has been moving quick to take over the fractured all-encompassing courier market, and they are doing it .....on 2 wheels.

  Scoobeez will Drop Off,  Pick Up, and Run Errands 
for.....literally Anything they can handle. Businesses, 
  Corporations, Restaurants, Every Day People, and more
  are using Scoobeez to handle Business Deliveries, Legal
  Documents, Medicine, Dinner, and just about anything
  you can think of.

This market has no dominant player and is fractured, but Scoobeez looks to be taking the lead. They are concentrating on Metropolitan Markets just as social taxi companies did, but they are utilizing Scooters, Motorbikes, and the like to significantly cut down on Traffic Time and Expenses while building that unique brand recognition at the same time.

They are rapidly expanding their services to Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Washington and beyond under the umbrella of mobile app technology. 

ABOT has attacked growth quickly over the last few months as indicated by the recent news tear:

What caused the biggest commotion?

On 7/30 ABOT Signed a LOI to Acquire Scoobeez, a Rapidly Growing on Demand Courier and Delivery Service Company. This market has seen explosive growth with companies like Uber now making a splash into the door delivery niche. While ABOT has recently added AutoClaim to its existing portfolio, it is the Scoobeez deal that has traders excited.


   Scoobeez has rapidly grown its business
   in the Greater Los Angeles Area as an
   “On Demand” door to door messenger,
   courier and delivery service company that
   primarily utilizes scooters and motorcycles
   along with cars to facilitate same day deliveries. 

What do they deliver?
  • Just about everything! Scoobeez’s technology, exceptional customer experience, and logistic creativity allow it to efficiently deliver food, online orders, medicine, packages and other items within the shortest possible time-frame averaging less than an hour per delivery. As a result, Scoobeez is enabling and empowering local businesses by connecting them with their customers through its cost effective and highly customer oriented “On Demand” services.  
How does the pricing work?
  • Scoobeez has the capability of providing deliveries around the clock through its flagship Glendale operation covering Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Scoobeez has three main pricing structures; fixed base fare, standard fees which include per mile charge, and dynamic pricing for additional stops.
  • Scoobeez’ pricing structure is extremely competitive with other similar courier services but the mobility and convenience of scooters and motorcycles, and no fuel surcharge combined with exceptional customer service and unique branding provide Scoobeez with a sustainable competitive advantage.

What is the Scoobeez growth formula?
   According to Shahan Ohanessian, CEO of ABT, “We are extremely
   thrilled with the growth potential of Scoobeez as major retailers
   are seeking immediate on demand door-to-door capabilities in hopes
   of winning customer loyalty from their online shoppers. Scoobeez will
   be connecting their online and store operations with its creative delivery
   system to complete the full cycle of e-commerce. In the near future,
   Scoobeez will become an app powered delivery company, which will
   add to our other portfolio of products and services.”
 Mr. Ohanessian
   also stated “We will be looking to expand Scoobeez businesses and
   operations in several major U.S. cities in the upcoming months,
   and eventually taking Scoobeez’s business model worldwide.”

Job seekers are interested as is evident in the Social Taxi Boom. On 8/6 ABOT held a Recruiting Fair to fulfill a Scoobeez  Driver Demand for the LA area
  • Scoobeez intends to recruit well over 100 riders and drivers to expand its Glendale, Los Angeles and Southern California operations to meet and exceed its growth plan for “On Demand” door to door messenger, courier and delivery services that primarily utilizes scooters and motorcycles along with cars to facilitate same day deliveries. 
  • The event was highlighted by the keynote presentation by Benjamin Art, CEO of Scoobeez with an interactive discussion that addressed information about the company’s hiring processes, delivery guidelines, employment requirements, standard operating procedures, dress code and benefits.

ABOT management knew shareholders needed to see they were serious about fiscal responsibility, and they delivered. On 8/11, ABOT Announced the Retiring of $320K of Debt as of 8/10 2015.
  • This debt was in the form of multiple notes (“Notes”), which were due in the 4Q15. The Company's total debt balance, after this settlement has been reduced by 24.87% from the total outstanding note reported in the recent quarter ended on June 30, 2015.
  • Imran Firoz, ABT's Chief Financial Officer, said, "This debt reduction is in line and consistent with our goals to continue to strengthen our financial position and enhance equity returns for our shareholders. The retirement of these notes and the careful de-leveraging of the Company will allow us to move towards an optimum cost of capital."

ABOT has more than just Scoobeez in the works. Given the CEO's prowess in the Insurance and Technology Industry, the AutoClaim deal made perfect sense. Don't you wish you had your app ready after an accident or traffic stop? On 6/22 ABOT Acquired the Revolutionary AutoClaim Mobile Technology Application.
  • The “AutoClaim” Mobile App is an advanced “Proprietary” real time Mobile Claims Documentation and Management System.
  • The App is indented to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar auto insurance claim industry at an operational and strategic level that will enhance customer service, streamline data management for effective decision making on claims, improve capital efficiency by correctly managing claims portfolios and provide many other benefits to insurance companies and its policyholders.

Do you see how exciting Scoobeez is? Do you see the diligence and passion of ABOT Management as they go step by step in nurturing and watching their new diamond as it develops? At $.46, we are watching a potential Blockbuster Company in its infant stage. Prices are nearly the cheapest ever if you look at the Daily Chart:
  • MACD is nearing a + Cross any day now. It looks like Monday or Tuesday could be it, and it usually counts to be in beforehand.
  • Support is at ~$.40.
  • Liquidity has grown immensely compared to early 2015 as traders realize the significance of these deals.
Targets are $.53 - $.55 - $.91 which are the resistance levels at the 20 - 50 - 200 SMA's.  A move there from current prices could net traders Gains of 15% - 19% - 97%.

How high can this really go with near-term expansions into a plethora of other major cities readying?

You know what can happen if the Scoobeez Names Takes Off.....we've seen it before....and the sky is the limit. Time will tell just How Big this company can become over the next few months and beyond.
Look closer at ABOT and the Scoobeez deal. This is not your ordinary trade. Every major company has a beginning, and we think something special is rising to the surface here. They have the right target niche and game plan to capitalize on a fractured yet huge and untapped service with the right style.
Start your research on  ABOT right away, trade smart and enjoy.
Stock Roach

007stockchat LLC has not been c.ompensated for the creation and disbursement of this report.
007stockchaat LLC owners hold 300K shares of ABOT.  We reserve the right to liquidate and or add to our position before, during or after the release of this report. Liquidation and or adding to our position will be done without notice to any individual, party or reader.


NTCHF - N1 Technologies Inc.

N1 Technologies Inc. - ( NTCHF )
At $.008 NTCHF is trading right near 6 month lows with a 70MIL Float and a Market Cap of ~$1.8MIL.  There is nothing like buying plays with Great Charts and Quick Strike Potential, but it is the 2Q15 Sales of ~$436K and 2015 Guidance that has the market even more buzzed concerning NTCHF

NTCHF has grown exponentially as they capture market share and product lines in the Nano Engineered Space, namely High-End Automotive Oils and Lubes and Patented Engine, Solar, and Optic Technologies. Their R&D has now given them increasing automotive and other market access as Patents have been trickling in.
  NanoSave (, their R&D arm, works in a
  number of distinct areas including, Automotive, Plastics, Batteries, Coatings and
  now Organics. The first Organic product to emerge from the R&D division is
  NanoSave N1 Organic Motor Oil. This revolutionary motor oil is made from
  bio-degradable plant oils and infused with tungsten and carbon nanotubes.

Let's look at the exciting basis of what makes NTCHF so great at these relatively cheap prices - the Financials and New Technologies:

On 8/5, N1 Technologies Inc. Posted 2015 2nd Quarter ResultsNTCHF Recorded 2Q15 Sales of ~$436K compared to ~$24K for 1Q14, a Drastic Increase. 
How do they intend to keep the trend going?
  • Their CEO stated, "We are completely focused on our Intellectual Property portfolio, and development of productivity and cost reduction strategies that drive strong margin expansion and earnings growth.  This enables continued investment in our established brands, supply chain, and sales and distribution capabilities. All combined to drive sustainable revenue and earnings growth." On a reported basis, net revenues were $436,583 up 1700% over the previous year. 
What is their Outlook for 2015?
  • For 2015, NTCHF expects Organic Net Revenue growth of at least 20% and Adjusted Operating Income margin of approximately 18%.
  • "Our continued effort to grow our Sales Force and create new relationships with retailers, distributors and corporate partners is expected to double by Q4 2015. Additionally rapid expansion in our R&D pipeline continues to provide future branding and marketing opportunities," stated CEO Steve Lovern.

NTCHF is a leader in NanoTechnology Research, Manufacturing and Marketing. The company is engaged in the development and distribution of High Performance Nano Engineered products, across diverse industries. NanoSave N1 the company's full line of Nano Engineered Super Oils & Lubes is sold worldwide and is rapidly gaining market share among Auto Enthusiasts. The company moved its’ Headquarters to Belize City, Belize in early 2015, and began trading company shares on the OTC market under the trading symbol NTCHF. The company operates in the U.S. from the executive offices of NanoSave Technologies based in Daytona Florida USA, the home of NASCAR and the Daytona 500. NanoSave Technologies, a wholly owned research & development firm is focused on developing new advanced innovations for future commercialization
N1 Technologies is actively perusing various relationships within the Automotive and industrial lubricants arena as part of its’ NanoSave N1 motor oil marketing strategy. The company has expanded into Solar Energy production, Nano Engineered Batteries, Nano Plastics, and Nano Glass. N1 Technologies Inc. and its’ subsidiary companies are positioned to manufacture and market these revolutionary technologies to the World.


By looking on their home site at traders can become acquainted with the different Oil, Lube, Coating Products, and More as well as their advanced stage projects like Dynamicon Solar Kinetic Energy, Osiris Optical Systems, and Velocitron Engines.  

From Injection Plastics, Home and Kitchen, Organics, Glass, and more, NTCHF has a Booming List of Nano Engineered Products to facilitate sales growth and market penetration. 

Let's look at the recent developments concerning their patent progress:

  • The company has filed for a Patent on its Osiris Optium Camera System. NanoSave Technologies the company's R&D arm designed the advanced observation platform. Osiris Optium has Military, commercial and Satellite Imaging capabilities that far exceed currently available technology.
  • What can it do? The camera array features 102 sixteen mega pixel cameras, each fitted with a 10 step optical zoom.  
  • How does it work? The 102 separate cameras feed a 1632 mega pixel data stream to 10 K-Band transmitters. The ultra light weight array can fit into almost all existing camera mounts and housings with little modification. On the ground the image is divided into 2 images that are processed by a mosaic program and outputted in 3D. The video image is captured as 4K Ultra High Definition Video, providing a new level of visual capabilities.  The raw video data in processed via sophisticated Virtual Reality software and outputted to VR headsets and 4K UHD Video walls. An Advanced Gesture Menu allows operators to zoom in or out and move around in the crystal clear super real environment.  Any point in the image can be tagged with a GPS locator for pinpoint ground location. 
  • "We feel the uses for the new Osiris Optium Camera System are endless. This system provides users with a big tool box," says CEO Steve Lovern.  The Osiris Optium brand is a product of the company's new initiative to venture into new cutting edge research and technologies.  The Osiris Optium System and the company's patented Velocitron Engine , an advanced electric generator built into current gas engines eliminating the need for an external generator, are being fast tracked for prototyping and production.

On 4/13, N1 Technologies Inc. Patented Nano Marine Coating ( in preparation to excel in the Florida and Gulf Coast Marine Scenes.

  • NTCHF has filed a patent for the company's revolutionary "Tungsten Hull Coat" marine paint additive.
  • NanoSave™ Tungsten Hull Coat provides equivalent performance to traditional anti-foulants, but is a completely metal free nano scale Tungsten additive that creates a lower Bio-accumulation profile. Tungsten is the slickest substance known today and when refined to the nano-scale it is unmatchable in it's friction reducing capabilities. 
  • "We have seen dramatic performance increases on large Yachts and the hulls are easy to clean,  saving our customers time and money," says CEO Steve Lovern.  SuperYacht News a global Yachting magazine reported, The addition of Tungsten nanofullerenes into hull paint, the manufacturer claims, reduces the friction of water molecules against the hull, increasing glide through the water when the boat is at speed, while the slick surface provides no purchase for marine growth to adhere to.  The company has painted a number of Super Yachts since 2013 and has seen strong repeat business. "There are more Yacht basins in Florida and the Gulf coast than you can count and we intend to be a leader in marine coatings," adds Steve Lovern CEO.  The company uses the tag line, Resistance Is Futile.
  • The Velicitron Engine is a revolutionary new electric generator concept for small (1-4) cylinder gas engines. The Velocitron Engine is a Vertical Reciprocal Electric Generator, that is integral to the engine and produces copious amounts of D.C. power without the need for a separately attached generator. 
  • N1 Technologies Inc. is developing a new Lithium Tungsten Battery called the NanoBolt Battery ( The company envisages future hybrid vehicles using the Velocitron Engine concept and the NanoBolt Battery in conjunction to advance the state of the art of hybrid technology. 
At $.008, this play has shown Impressive Sales Growth pushing the annualized trend in the millions, yet the stock is sitting near 6-Month Lows. Given future guidance and patent growth, this may be an opportunity to pick up some NTCHF. Take a Look at the Daily Chart:
  • Tuesday saw 2-Month+ Highs in Shares Traded, a sign of increasing action.
  • Accumulation Spiked Up.
  • MACD is Turning Up which could set up a near-term catalyst/pop.
  • The 3 Major SMA's are huddled at $.0154 - $.0169 - $.0172 for the 20-200-50 respectively.

A run to these 3 Points would just be getting back to Recent Support Levels, but it offers a potential quick-strike Return of 92-115%
That could set the stage for a move back to May-July Trading Ranges at ~$.03 for a possible Gain of 275%.
NTCHF has shown the Sales Growth, Guidance, Patents, Diverse Products, and Ambition that we love to see. The trade is showing great and very feasible upside given recent trading channels, so we had to let you know about it. Please remember to trade prudently. We hope you enjoy NTCHF!
Stock Roach

Stockchat LLC has previously received five thsnd dlrs via a b.ank w.ire for the a.wareness of NTCHF from a third party Speak Easy Media which has since expired.
007stockchaat LLC owners hold 5,000,000 shares of NTCHF. We reserve the right to liquidate and or add to our position before, during or after the release of this report. Liquidation and or adding to our position will be done without notice to any individual, party or reader.



GAHC - Global Arena Holdings

Global Arena Holdings ( GAHC )

OK, before I totally loose you into a morning of rolling eyeballs and temperaments...
I want you to for a second look at what kind of an impact crypto or digital
currency has had on the financial market in its short life span.

Yes bitcoins had its moment in the spot light for a short few seconds but while its
been on the back burner its reach and ability has been growing exponentially.

This is where GAHC comes into play, since they just went from being in the red
to black ( revenue positive)
they have kick it up a notch and began to execute on
their plan of action.


Global Arena Holding, Inc. Has Entered Into an
Agreement to Acquire Blockchain Technologies

On May 20, 2015, that GAHC incorporated a new wholly owned subsidiary in the
State of Delaware called "GAHI Acquisition Corp." This entity was incorporated to
be the merger subsidiary for the acquisition of Blockchain Technologies Corporation (BTC).


GAHC entered into an agreement and plan of merger with BTC. Under this
agreement, BTC will merge with GAHI Acquisition Corp., and GAHI Acquisition
Corp. will be the surviving corporation.




Pursuant to the terms of the merger, GAHC will reserve a number of shares equal
to 1/3 of the total issued and outstanding of GAHC to be issued to BTC shareholders.

Additionally, GAHC will also have capitalized GAHI Acquisition Corp. with
$1,250,000 plus an amount equal to an outstanding bridge loan, which amount
shall be used for the development and implementation of the Blockchain
business and technologies
, as well as, the repayment of said outstanding debt.
For complete terms, please see GAHC's Form 8-K filed on May 20, 2015 located


BTC is a technology company that acts as an early-stage investor, incubator, and
seed accelerator program featuring a number of innovative startups utilizing the
Blockchain, the underlying technology of the bitcoin digital currency.

BTC currently owns several startups that are operating in the Blockchain
technology field.

Intellectual property included in the proposed GAHC-BTC merger includes at
least four provisional patent applications
reflecting material improvements
upon rudimentary Bitcoin blockchain technology in areas such as:

  • Database creation and utilization
  • Decentralized voting
  • Retail affinity tokens or rewards
  • The invention of an interactive Internet browser that makes
    possible user-advertiser affinity tokens or rewards.

The Provisional Patents are:

  • Application No. 62/090,370 filed December 11, 2014; Retailer-Captive
    Blockchain System for Hosting Secure and Non-Counterfeit Affinity Token
    Transactions, and Tracking Affinity Token Inventory, Within A Customer
    Affinity Program.
















  • Application No. 62/029,409 filed July 25, 2014; A system and method
    for database for self-actuating contracts and other data.

  • Application No. 62/033,706 filed August 5, 2014; Designed for the use
    of the Blockchain Database to Enhance Security of and Support Secure
    Electronic Voting and Election Result Tabulation.

  • Application No. 62/112,130 February 4, 2015; System and Method for
    Blockchain-Type Based Search Engine Database within an Internet Browser
    Supporting a User Affinity Program.

When consummated, this deal will mark a significant step in the history of the
rapidly growing Blockchain ecosystem by having one of its key players be part
of a publicly traded company, GAHC.

In particular, the GAHC proposed acquisition affords GAHC ownership of
Blockchain Technologies Corporation's wholly owned technology companies

Slidechain LLC: a company that utilizes multiple Blockchains simultaneously,
with their backbone being the Bitcoin blockchain:

  • Digital Assets Vending Inc.: a bitcoin ATM / BTM company whose main
    product, D.A.V.E. (Digital Asset Vending Equipment), is being developed
    to be the easiest, most flexible, and affordable device of its kind;
  • Cryptos: a high-speed, ultra-secure digital currency-trading platform
    with AlphaPoint, the same backend Bitfinex uses;
  • Overseas BC Marketing: A company that has entered into an agreement
    with an Irish gaming company pursuant to which Overseas BC Marketing
    will market online web-based waging services and products. This platform
    does not allow wagering from U.S. citizens.
  • Blockchain Apparatus LLC: a company that uses the Blockchain for an
    incorruptible voting  application and self-executing wills and smart contracts,
    among other uses.

GAHC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John S. Matthews said, "I am very
pleased with the potential technology acquisition and believe on consummation,
BTC and its subsidiaries will add an exciting dimension to the growth of GAHC."


BTC Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Nick Spanos stated "We're delighted with
the GAHC proposed merger as it will enable us to compensate developers with a
publicly traded stock, and we are further inspired by the knowledge that as a
function of this proposed merger, the public can now participate in a company
with Blockchain technology

Have we found a hidden gem with GAHC and their recent developments?

Only one way to find out, and sitting on the side lines never gets you the
touchdown pass, or a path to the hall of fame.

Start your research on GAHC right away and enjoy.


































Stockchat LLC has received ten thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the marketing and awareness of GAHC from a third party Complete Advisory Partners LLC.

TPHX - Tanaris Power Holdings Inc

Tanaris Power Holdings Inc. (TPHX)



Tesla shares continue to soar since they announced their plan to put lithium batteries in every home.

As it happens, TPHX was already making giant strides in the lithium power world behind the scenes . . . let mighty Tesla beware.

Lithium buzz has already turned TPHX into a $47 million phenomenon with huge partners like United Airlines eager to try its batteries.  

That’s a long way from a “back of the napkin” start-up, but it’s still ground floor territory compared to Elon Musk’s billion-dollar baby.

And that’s where we come in. While TPHX has been riding a 200% wave over the last few months, the price is mighty low by Tesla standards.

That said, our window on the TPHX ground floor is rising fast:


What’s stunning about that 200% leap from $0.24 two mere month ago is that it ran the bases BEFORE Elon Musk even opened his mouth. 


Say what you want about that guy, he knows how to get Wall Street grabbing any angle on whatever brainchild he’s hatching at the moment.

Tesla is taking its batteries out of cars and into houses? TPHX bought a lithium battery maker months ago.


TPHX is even working with vehicle retrofit shops to get its batteries under the hood of working diesel fleets . . . a market Musk would sniff at.

United Airlines has already agreed to try the system out in its baggage cars as it tries to switch from fossil fuel to electric motors.

A win could obviously open up a game-changing relationship for TPHX, especially in a world where electric planes are just over the horizon.

Musk isn’t thinking that high, at least as far as I can see. But with Musk pointing traders’ eyes to lithium power, the buzz is getting louder.


Lithium is more than laptop batteries now. It’s becoming a $19 billion market . . . and TPHX is right there on the scene.

Look back up at that chart. TPHX was already riding high before Musk promised he’d take his batteries outside Tesla cars.


The RSI is now far from overbought while hanging tough above the 50-point “rally” line. That’s a BULLISH signal.

MACD has kept climbing into fresh bull trend territory, coiling the TPHX screw tighter for eventual release. Again, BULLISH.

Volume went through the roof about two weeks ago and has yet to really return to its old lackluster levels. Can volume lead price? BULLISH!

And now that lithium is in the news, I think TPHX can get more than its share of catalyst to recharge its action. That kicks us up to VERY BULLISH.


How often do we get to trade a pure proxy on the Tesla miracle at a tiny fraction of the price? That’s what TPHX gives us tomorrow morning.

The party’s already started . .  . with plenty of room left to run. It’s just waiting for that opening bell to ring and for us to arrive.




Stockchat LLC has received seven thsnd dlrs via a b.ank w.ire for the a.wareness of TPHX from a third p.arty. Stockchat LLC has previously received a total of thirty eight thsnd dlrs via a bank w.ire for the awareness of TPHX from a th.ird p.arty which has since expired.

FREE - FreeSeas Inc.

Good Morning,

I know the old saying "good things in life are not free" but in this case
they are and FREE is going crazy pre market because its not often you
get to see a NASDAQ listed play trading in the sub .10 range.

Granted, FREE is already up and trading pre market I think the action is
just getting started on this bottom bounce monster:

  RSI - Trending up in a BULLISH pattern
Price - Coming of off 52 week lows & trending up
MACD - Under the zero line, big uptrend potential
Acc/Dist - At rock bottom & bullish cross over signal.

The biggest positive here, is that FREE is a NASDAQ trading not just under
a buck like we saw last week but under .20 currently pre market.

You remember last week right? I showed you a .73 play that ran over

Well FREE closed at .07 yesterday... that's right under .10 and is currently
as I type this trending up double that price with massive volume.

So... the magic question you will ask... how high will it go...

You know, I have no idea, but the last technical resistance point is at the
50ma which is at .18, once that is tackled then price level wise .269 is in
the spot light.

Get over that range and FREE could really become FREE as it will turn into
a parabolic monster.

Start your research on FREE right away, trade wise and enjoy.


  Stockchat LLC has not r.eceived any form of c.ompensation for the a.wareness of F.REE

VMRI - Valmie Resources Inc

Valmie Resources Inc. (VMRI)

You remember VMRI: they make DRONES, those little “military” helicopters that the FAA just cleared for BIG commercial applications.


So now that everybody from Amazon to FedEx is getting the green light to fly, the GOLD RUSH to sell them the drones is ON!


VMRI already hit the ground running with NEWS, NEWS, NEWS. And now the chart is already looking more than a little oversold:




The last time VMRI let its RSI drift to 30 and bounce back, traders got to ride a 48% rally . . . never any guarantee, but it’s a nice number!


And with the 200-day line way up around $1.40, there’s room for a similar lift and MORE if the cards stack up right.


Remember, drones are already a $13 BILLION business that should add up above $82 BILLION in the next 10 years, according to the latest stats.  


That hasn’t changed. VMRI still has corporate contracts lining up and acquisition targets jumping onto its hook. Let’s review:


  • The drone story is obviously set up to be one of the next revolutions of our age. AMAZON, FEDEX and GOOGLE are thinking about delivering your package with tiny helicopters, what’s next?


  • VMRI’s edge is actually its software. They’re looking at patenting their drone intelligence systems even as we speak. Smarter drones that drive themselves and LEARN are obviously pretty special.


  • But you can’t show off your system if you don’t have the hardware. VMRI bought drone maker Vertitek to take its tech off the drawing board and in front of prospective customers! (Read more)



Bottom Line: I said it before and I’ll say it again: drones are hot stuff. Funding is up 100% over last year and every talking head wants to play.


VMRI remains a bona fide pure play. And the market just gave us a chance to play it down here at barely $1 . . . provided the chart cooperates.


Did I mention that management here just got invited to go to CHINA to talk about full mass production and maybe a little more M&A action?


You don’t talk like that unless you’re serious about vertical lift off! But evidently VMRI is not only serious but spinning up seriously FAST.


Hot industry, headline friendly. Growing at breakneck speed. That’s the VMRI we already know. Now the shares are OVERSOLD as well!


So dig in, start scanning the news wire for updates. And be ready for VMRI.


Papa Roach

Stockcaht LLC has received four thousand dollars via a bank wire for the awareness of VMRI from a third party Action Media Holdings. Stockchat LLC has previously received Twenty Nine thousand dollars via a bank wire for the awareness of VMRI from a third party WFWS LLC which has expired.


Greetings, Trader!

Between the analyst chatter and an ongoing 3-digit bull run, every red-blooded trader should have SPRY Inc. (SPYR) on his radar.

And as of NOW, SPYR is set up roughly where it was when it started making truly spectacular moves -- this is the time to get to know this play!

Load that chart and you’ll see what I mean:


The market chatter has been getting hot and bothered over SPYR since new management came onboard a few months back.


But the real trigger for the bulls was when SPYR dipped close to technical oversold . . . around 30 on the RSI . . . and opened the entry window.

Since then, SPYR has been UNSTOPPABLE. The shortest move delivered 60%. Those who played it long MULTIPLIED their win.

Even the recent dip opened up a near-90% bounce! And now the RSI is exactly where it was before that move . . . right around 30!


But what has the analysts all riled up on SPYR?

  • Once upon a time, SPYR was a food company and nobody cared. Some high-powered hires later, they’ve got a network of high-tech properties and even bigger plans ahead.

  • SPYR websites are all over the place but I like how they’re catchy names people can remember: for cooks, for eaters, for beautiful people, for sweat.

  • Then you got the SPYR game, which they announced a little while back and pushed onto the Apple app store within weeks. They’re real excited about the possibility that this thing goes huge.

  • Analyst after analyst after analyst is getting awful excited about SPYR. I wonder if that’s where the 3-digit ride has come from. The suits bang the table, the stock jumps? Clearly it’s not bad for “awareness.

Bottom Line: Now we know this stock can touch within a penny of $1 per share, those analyst targets don’t look quite so outrageous.


From here it looks like SPYR has a dizzying amount of head room to “go back and fill” before it even comes close to the implied ceiling.

And with SPYR now as oversold as when it launched the near-90% rally . . . much less the 3-digit bender . . . can you really pass up a trade like this?



Papa Roach

Stockchat LLS has received four thousand dollars via a bank wire for the awareness of SPYR from a third party Action Media Holdings.

PMCB - PharmaCyte Biotech Inc.


PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB)



Biotech plays are in hot demand on Wall Street for a simple reason: these companies are where the top brains are solving big money diseases.

I’m talking massive medical opportunities like cancer ($100B) and diabetes ($245B), chances to build a pharma empire from the ground up.

Along the way, of course, there are plenty of shots at quicker glory . . . which is exactly where PMCB comes leaping back onto my screen.

As you recall from its last bull run for us, PMCB has taken a potential CURE FOR DIABETES through its first pre-clinical trial. (Read more)

That’s incredibly ambitious for any 0.15 start-up, but in the here and now I want you to look at the technical situation forming on PMCB:




The tight channel PMCB has explored in the last couple weeks has created a platform for the next move . . . reminiscent of back in March, right before the PPS lifted off on a 3-digit bull run.

Of course it takes a signal for any market rocket to blast. That’s where the biotech buzz comes to the table. As you recall, the skeleton key to PMCB’s technology is putting “good” cells in a tiny box where they can go into the body and release tumor-killing drugs right where they’re needed.

Find the right cells and in theory PMCB can cure cancer, repair a sick diabetic pancreas, you name it. They already proved in the lab that the cell boxes work, and that pre-clinical trial shows that they’re safe to implant in living animals.

One tiny demonstration of how important this technology might be: PMCB has official FDA “orphan” status to try its boxes out on pancreatic cancer. The average orphan drug that makes it through the process is worth $1B . . . no surprise big pharma execs are happy to get a piece of the action.

And no wonder the analysts are jumping all over each other to assign some brain-meltingly high targets on what PMCB may actually be worth. That one I linked to tells a 4-digit story!

Analyst coverage? Extreme price targets? FDA perks? Big pharma talent crowding the board? It looks to me like PMCB has a lot of the puzzle pieces to become one of those gigantic biotech companies you read about in Barrons.


But unlike those companies, PMCB is still available in 0.01 increments instead of multiple Benjamins per share. But talk about ground floor rising! Remember, every tiptoe toward the clinic unlocks value.

The clock is ticking. The base has been established. It’s time to see PMCB strut its stuff!



Papa Roach







Stockchat LLC has received four thsnd dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of  PMCB from a third party Action Media Holdings.